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Raymond Daniel Manczarek, Jr.  02-12-1939 to 05-20-2013.

Ray Manzarek passed away on May 20, 2013, at 12:31PM PT at the RoMed Clinic in Rosenheim, Germany after a lengthy battle with bile duct cancer. He was 74. At the time of his passing, he was surrounded by his wife Dorothy Manzarek, and his brothers Rick and James Manczarek.   “I was deeply sadden…ed to hear about the passing of my friend and bandmate Ray Manzarek today,” said Krieger. “I’m just glad to have been able to have played Doors songs with him for the last decade. Ray was a huge part of my life and I will always miss him.” Manzarek is survived by his wife Dorothy, brothers Rick and James Manczarek, son Pablo Manzarek, Pablo’s wife Sharmin and their three children Noah, Apollo and Camille. Funeral arrangements are pending. The family asks that their privacy be respected at this difficult time. In lieu of flowers, please make a memoriam donation in Ray Manzarek’s name at

Jim Morrison
Elektra Records There’s no denying that Doors singer Jim Morrison was one of the most charismatic front men of his generation. Unfortunately he was one of the most troubled, too. The singer had a terrible alcohol problem that played a big role in his repeated arrests, including one on Nov. 11, [...]
Tue, Nov 11, 2014
Eagle Rock Entertainment “It’s a fictional documentary,” Jim Morrison says in a clip from the lost 1968 Doors tour documentary ‘A Feast Of Friends.’ “I can’t say too much about it, because we’re not really making it. It’s just kind of making itself.” Forty-six years later, the restored and remastered film is [...]
Sun, Nov 09, 2014
Jemal Countess / Mark Metcalfe / Ian Gavan, Getty Images When Sammy Hagar agrees to be your MC, you know you’re about to throw a terrific party — and this year’s Classic Rock Awards were definitely a night to remember for the winners, whose ranks included Gregg Allman, Queen and Metallica. Allman took [...]
Wed, Nov 05, 2014
Elektra If you’re the type of person who’s inclined to believe that ghosts are real, then it only stands to reason that some of those spirits wandering the Earth must have been famous in their physical incarnations. Who’s to say we aren’t being haunted by our favorite dead rock stars? Obviously, Ultimate [...]
Thu, Oct 30, 2014
“Strange days have found us,” Jim Morrison sang on the title track of this 1967 sophomore release by the Doors — and it was undeniably true. ‘Strange Days,’ in many ways, followed the template of his band’s self-titled debut from earlier that year, but — for some reason — not [...]
Wed, Oct 01, 2014
The trailer for the Doors‘ long-lost self-produced rock documentary ‘Feast of Friends’ has the effect of stripping away four decades of mythology, revealing the group as flesh-and-blood collaborators and friends — rather than rock demigods. You can watch the trailer for the movie, which will make its first official release [...]
Fri, Sep 12, 2014
Express Newspapers, Hulton Archive, Getty Images The Doors did more in a short period of time than almost any other classic rock band. They released only six albums during their 1967-71 run, but each record left an indelible mark on the group’s overall legacy. From their classic self-titled debut to ‘L.A. Woman,’ [...]
Fri, Aug 22, 2014
Hulton Archive, Getty Images Woodstock was a legend-making moment for a number of the participants, including Santana and Crosby Stills and Nash — both of whom could look back to the 1969 festival as a launching pad for the legendary careers that followed. Still, for all of its famous participants, the [...]
Fri, Aug 15, 2014
AC/DC, Aerosmith, Tom Petty and Sammy Hagar are among the many rock, soul and pop artists whose archived live performances from the legendary ‘The Midnight Special’ television program will be included on a new 11-DVD box set from StarVista Entertainment and Time Life. Due Sept. 8, the upcoming DVD release of [...]
Tue, Aug 12, 2014
From the beginning of his recording career, Joe Cocker boasted both a willingness to do things differently — and the chops to pull it off. As early as his solo debut, 1968′s ‘With a Little Help from My Friends,’ Cocker set himself apart as a gifted interpreter of other people’s [...]
Sat, Aug 09, 2014
People are always trying to capitalize on any connection that a place or object might have to a celebrity, no matter how tenuous, so the fact that Zanzibar has built a tourism industry out of its status as Freddie Mercury‘s birthplace is hardly surprising. As Vice points out, however, it’s [...]
Thu, Aug 07, 2014
The Stooges‘ 1969 self-titled debut album opened the door for everything loud, hard and heavy that followed. These four misfits from Detroit, Michigan, took rock to the edge, pushing the boundaries with every note. Singer Iggy Pop (then going as Iggy Stooge) was joined by Dave Alexander on bass, Ron Ashton [...]
Tue, Aug 05, 2014
Marianne Faithfull Jim Morrison
Hulton Archive (2), Getty Images The mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of Jim Morrison has long fueled speculation as to the events of that evening. However, in a new interview, Marianne Faithfull reveals that she knows who supplied the fatal dose of drugs on July 3, 1971. Speaking to Mojo, she said [...]
Mon, Aug 04, 2014
Robby Krieger and John Garcia
Jesse Grant / Theo Wargo, Getty Images For a lifelong Doors fan like former Kyuss singer John Garcia, you could hardly ask for a better way of starting your solo career than getting Robby Krieger to guest on one of your new songs. As Garcia recently told Rolling Stone, getting Krieger to [...]
Wed, Jul 23, 2014
Hulton Archive, Getty Images Released in July 1969, the Doors‘ most experimental recording, ‘The Soft Parade’ was a wildly uneven affair that saw Jim Morrison and company trying out orchestral and brass arrangements, a weird bluegrass-soul amalgam and a misguided attempt at prog rock. Blame, and credit, goes to a group that [...]
Fri, Jul 18, 2014


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